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May 5, 2020 Pest Control

Natural and Safe Organic Aphid Control

Organic aphid control is the natural and safe method in controlling aphids which is effective and will not cause any harmful outcomes to human, pets and environment. Aphid is one of the pesky pests in common which attacks rose plants during summer months. By applying basic items of household, the safe but effective aphid control methods can be practically made to fight bugs in garden. It is always recommended to apply the natural and safe methods in controlling pests since it will not cause any harmful effects and applying pesticides can be harmful which is very dangerous to health or even life if it is not carefully handled. Aphids are the greatest culprits for the blooming and beautiful rose flowers, and in order to get rid of these pests so that the rose flowers and your garden safe from them, then you will need to apply the organic aphid control which is effective and safe to use.

Natural Aphid Control

Natural Aphid Control

Natural Aphid Control Suggestions

There are some suggestions in controlling aphids so that they will not be messing with your rose flowers safely and effectively such as by applying sticky traps which are hug in its appliances on tree limbs or you can also hang it on stakes near your rose flowers. The sticky traps contain substance similar to pheromone which draws in the aphids and eventually entrap them on the sticky lining. Neem oil is included into one of the suggestions since it is safe and effective in controlling aphids but safe to lady bugs and honey bees which are included into beneficial insects which are as natural pest predator and a great help to garden as natural unbeneficial pests enemies. You can also make mixture of warm water and milk which is can be directly sprayed into your rose flowers diseased portions, and it is recommended to apply it very often during summer, especially after hard rains. You can also use spicy ingredients such a garlic and sauce of hot pepper to be mixed and sprayed into your rose flowers but be very careful in the appliances to prevent it from getting sprayed into your hands and especially face.
So if you want your rose flowers to be free from pesky bugs like aphids without applying any chemical essences which can be very harmful to health or even life and the environment, then applying organic aphid control is going to be the right and wise choice to make. As mentioned above that there are some suggestions in the natural and safe methods in controlling aphids, give a try and see how it works.

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