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April 27, 2020 Pest Control

Natural Pocket Gopher Control

Natural pocket gopher control is safe controlling method without harming or even killing the pocket gopher which will also safe to the environment as well. If you find pocket gopher as garden pest which destruct your garden and want to get rid of them but do not want to harm or even kill them, then there are available many kinds of ingredients which will be effective to deter gophers. The natural and safe method in controlling pest is always recommended since it will not be causing bad effects to us, pets and environment as well. In making pocket gopher deterrent, here are some instructions which will be useful as your guidance.

Pocket Gopher Control

Pocket Gopher Control

Some Natural Pocket Gopher Control

First of all, you have to use ammonia to soak pieces of cloth which will be stuffed into the pocket gophers’ holes. Place peppermint essential oil in several drops on cotton balls around the pocket gophers’ holes. This is done because peppermint is a natural repulsive to rodents including pocket gopher. You can also make a solution of 4 table spoon of cayenne pepper, 1 quart of water and 1 table spoon of peppermint oil into spray bottle and you can regularly spray the pocket gopher holes’ openings in order to make it damp until making the gophers leave the holes. By making pocket gophers to think that there are predators around is also a great deterrent idea such as by stuffing dogs’ hair in to the holes. Sprinkling a little of cat litter into the holes can be another great idea as well.

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There are many pest control ideas which will not be harmful since they are natural and safe to use. Natural pocket gopher control will be effective and worth to try in order to get rid of the pesky pocket gophers in your property without harming them and it also will not be harmful to our health, pet and the environment.

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