New Collections Of The Best Stiffel Lamps Vintage

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Stiffel Lamps Vintage

Stiffel lamps vintage – This is one of those bright decorating ideas! … And never better said because we speak of vintage lamps for decoration of bedrooms. I’ve seen this idea a lot lately in the new collections of the best decoration shops and also in the blogs I follow. And it seems so beautiful in its simplicity …Here you can see more ideas of vintage lighting

It is about holding light bulbs with cords as before. Of course neither the old incandescent nor the cords are those of yesteryear. But a revival of this type of lighting for the house brings back to the vintage decoration  this type of  stiffel lamps vintage, like the ones that had great-grandparents at home.

If you remember the houses of yesteryear, of your childhood, of photos, etc., before in the houses (at least in the modest ones), there were no brushings on the walls to hang stiffel lamps vintage , appliques, etc .: the cables ran by them , Well subject and often painted in the same tone of the wall. Earlier, the methods for hanging lamps were precarious and expensive, so we often opted for the cord formula, and thus portable lighting was available .

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