Nursery Vintage Airplane Decor

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Vintage Airplane Decor Simple

Vintage airplane decor – Planning a nursery is an exciting decorating project for parents. The possibilities are endless. A timeless nursery decor is aircraft, a theme that will entertain baby right through preschool age. Decorate vintage airplane decor starts by painting the walls a light blue. The aircraft allows the use of bright colors and interesting shapes, and it will provide your children with a stimulating and fun environment.


Paint your walls a bright sky. Using a sponge and diluted white acrylic paint, sponge paint clouds on all four walls. Make them big and soft. Find a coloring book with simple illustrations of airplanes. Enlarge them on your scanner and print them to use as a pattern. Save them on your wall and paint them with acrylic liquid colors from your craft store.

Hang a ceiling fan with only two blades so that it looks like an airplane propeller. Sew a mobile of little blanket aircraft control rods suspended above the crib. Cut simple aircraft shapes of colorful blanket and easily stop them. The child will enjoy seeing the airplanes “fly”. Cover the window shades with a print job fabric aircraft for a designer look.

Spray the shade with spray adhesive to attach the fabric. Paint a simple wooden toy box to look like a vintage airplane decor. Add two small wooden wings, a small propeller and wheels toward the front of the box. Accessorize nursery with an aircraft-Specialty lamp, switch plate, pulling the dresser and towels for changing table.

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