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April 19, 2020 Pest Control

Organic Alternatives Japanese Beetles Control

Japanese beetles control is significantly required if you do not want to find you garden crops to be destroyed and in order to be efficient in getting rid of them, you have to apply effective pest controlling method. For so many gardeners, Japanese beetles are absolutely a very destructive pest which can destroy plants just in one growing season. You can use pesticide to get rid of them but if you prefer apply the safe and natural method in keeping them away from you garden, you can apply these organic alternatives to get rid of these bugs. Japanese beetles are attracted to maple trees, apple trees, basil, grapes, dahlias, Echinacea, cosmos, iris, cosmos, wisteria, zinnias, rhododendrons and roses. If the mentioned plants are available in your garden, then you should watch out for the bugs’ threat.

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Tips in Keeping Japanese Beetles Away from Garden

As mentioned above, that you can apply organic alternatives in getting rid of the Japanese beetles. Applying milky spore is effective, you just need to sprinkle it around the plants. You can get this pest control at garden supplier or garden center. It is taken for granted that this milky spore is safe to be used around children and pets, and will last for several years to come. Garlic and chives are kind of plants which Japanese beetles dislike and if you plant them in your garden, they will keep the bugs from getting near to your garden. Cayenne pepper is a good remedy to get rid of the bugs. You just need to mix it a little with a bit of soap and some water then spray it to the plants that you want to protect. Apple cider vinegar is another popular house remedy which is safe to use. You just have to mix it with water and directly spray the plants or also into the beetles with high acidity to kill them.

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You can apply pesticide which contains chemical essences as japans beetle control or you can also apply the safe and natural method in getting rid of them for the sake of health. It is always the better idea to apply the natural since it will not only be safe for health, but also will e cheaper in expenses.

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