Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

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Backyard Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

If you love your house to live outdoors, this oven manufacturer Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet has introduced to the market will be indicated so you can look like with your friends. The new Artisan Fire Pizza Oven (Pizza flame) is essential for enjoying evenings in the garden. Outdoor pizza oven kit high end is the first to offer an open front and two independently controlled burners for the gourmet outdoors.

Combining tradition with wood pizza oven brick, but wrapped in a contemporary package that runs on gas and stainless steel, this new outdoor dining reach over 800 degrees to deliver the gourmet pizza, calzones or artisan bread immediately. In 20 minutes you are ready, but if it is preheated for 45 minutes a Neapolitan-style outdoor pizza oven kit in three minutes. This oven perfectly imitates the warmth of a wood stove, but adds the flame control for optimal results.

Outdoor pizza oven kit does not occupy much space at all; this compact design measures just 75 centimeters wide, 75 centimeters deep and a height of less than 50 centimeters. And in the true tradition, this oven is built to last, handmade stainless steel, very thick, you can withstand any weather.

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