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Vintage Kitchen Island Ideas

Vintage kitchen island – vintage style and vintage kitchen ideas we show today in this article can help anyone who is open a classic style, playful image and a leap back in time when designing your kitchen. Whether you are thinking of a design filled with vintage furniture that makes a strong reference to a bygone era, or are simply trying to fix your overall design with some vintage decorations, today we present you with a lot of choices from which to choose.

Since we are talking about vintage kitchen island design and decor, it may be helpful to first delineate differences between old, vintage and retro style – all of which are commonly cited by owners and designers of kitchens that we are showing you in pictures. In general, “old” is design in which elements that are more than 100 years old are used. “Vintage” refers to an article that is both very representative of a particular time or not simply is not more than 20 years but has a lot of value is style that most favors recycling.

Current design which is called vintage refers generally to styles that originated between years 1930 and 1950. In particular, playful, optimistic and futuristic “retro” designs of post-World War II era are popular styles that today we call vintage. Decorating a vintage kitchen island with furniture from referential styles can offer us an infinite number of options.

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