Polyurethane Best Finish For A Vintage Kitchen Tables

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Vintage Kitchen Tables Design

Vintage kitchen tables – Polyurethane is a common choice for sealing hardwood surfaces, including kitchen table, because it is durable and long lasting. While polyurethane will not make your kitchen table impervious to damage, it offers significantly more protection than other woods, such as shellac and lacquer, which are susceptible to water damage. Polyurethane helps your kitchen table resist damage from scratches, moisture and heat.

Polyurethane has a reasonably long life when used as a wood finish. Typically, a floor which has been finished with polyurethane must not coat for 10 to 15 years. This means that the target on your vintage kitchen tables, which probably do not see nearly as much traffic or use a wooden floor, should last a very long time.

When finishing hardwood surfaces with polyurethane, two coats are generally sufficient to keep the wood protected. When it comes to surfaces that get used much or at a higher risk of exposure to moisture, such as floors, countertops and vintage kitchen table, you should choose to apply more coats. Five should be enough to keep your vintage kitchen tables safe from food and drink spills and nicks, scratches and shocks from cutlery and other utensils.

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