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March 11, 2020 Gardening Idea

Practical and Enjoyable Herb Garden

Herb garden is practical, enjoyable and planted for many reasons but what becomes the most common purpose is that it is planted to grow medicinal plantations. In planting herb in your garden, there are several basics of knowledge that you may need to know about herbs and its functions no matter what your purpose in planting them. The matter of space in your garden will be one consideration that you really have to think about and choosing the herb plants’ type that you want to grow is going to be enjoyable. You can also choose to plant herb from seeds or propagation or cuttings, in matter of possibilities is also endless such as what kind of containers that you will use and where is the location to grow the herb garden. There are some basic herb’s kinds such as evergreen, herbaceous and annual herbs which will be described to you about them so that you will be familiar with them.

Herb Garden Indoor

Basic Kinds of Herbs

Evergreen herbs consist of some varieties such as thyme, sage and rosemary. If you had this herb type, then you would need to prune it at least once a year for the maintenance. This herb type is usually planted for culinary reasons, but if you are not planting for such purpose, then the pruning needs to be done in fall season or early spring. The pruning is meant to get rid of old branches which already have no sign of new growth which is going to be significant to provide more light and energy for the herbs’ proper growth. When harvesting this herb type, it is recommended to cut the stems which still show the sign of new growth. Herbaceous herbs have common varieties such as chives, oregano, winter savory, sweet fennel, bee balm, tarragon and mint. In matter of maintenance, these herbs will need not to be pruned very often. The pruning is only done when you are harvesting them at the growing season end. These kinds of herbs can be mowed several times in a year to make them free of dead and old branches. Mint is included into herbaceous herbs but since this type in very invasive, so you better to plant it in its own specific area. Both of evergreen and herbaceous are included into perennial herbs which mean that they can live more that two years if they are properly maintained, but it is different with annual herbs since according to its name, these kinds of herbs produce seeds annually before they die. In order to be able to make sure in its continual supply, you should plant the new plants of these herbs at least every four weeks during growing season.

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By having herb garden, you can provide medicinal supply which can be very beneficial to have since it is practical and enjoyable at the same time. In order to be effective and achieve the finest result in herb gardening, you should have to know about several basics of knowledge which are essential.

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