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Nice Outdoor Lawn Furniture

Outdoor lawn furniture – Outdoor lawn furniture covered by clothing is designed to be decorative and comfortable, but the furniture and cushions can be damaged by the weather, especially if not covered. Even the lawn furniture kept under an awning can become dull and moldy from moisture in the air. Making slip covers for lawn furniture is a simple DIY project. Recover outdoor lawn furniture, Measure the back, front and sides of the cushions with a tape measure and write down measurements. Measure the total size of the work of the whole piece is stopped, and writes down the measurements. Select upholstery fabric made for outdoor furniture that is easy to sew on a portable sewing machine and by hand. Never use heavy indoor furniture upholstery fabric, it is too heavy for a sewing machine and traps moisture.

Wash materials before using to remove the chemicals in the fibers and to update the fabric. Remove the old upholstery, first from cushions, then from the outdoor lawn furniture body. Set aside the old fabric for use as a template to cut new fabric. Cover the body of the piece first. Start at the back of the piece and hold fabric with designs against you. Staple the fabric in place on furniture, pull the fabric tight as you staple. Do not allow the fabric to sag or bunch. Cover arms and legs last.

Clean mildewed pillows with a solution of 1 part bleach to 2 parts water. Soak pads in two hours and rinse clean with a garden hose. If the mildew smell is not gone from the pillows, repeat the process. Allow pillows to dry thoroughly in the sun if possible. Sew and adding new cushions for outdoor lawn furniture of old pillows will not clean. Remove the old fabric. Cut the new fabric using old fabric as a template. Sew the fabric together with a sewing machine for a stronger seam, and reinforce the seam. Leave one end open and place the foam in the lid. Sew the open end closed by hand.

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