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Recover Plastic Patio Tables – Recover plastic patio tables that will leave the plastic patio tables as new. This plastic patio tables, with use and time, is worn and has an aged appearance. In this time we see how to retrieve it easily and economically. Step by step to recover a plastic patio tables.

First thing we do to recover plastic patio tables is gently wipe the surface with the roller provided with a suitable multi – layered brush for this type of material. If you do not provide this tool, you can perform the task with hand sandpaper fine grain. Then remove any dust with a cloth moistened with alcohol. With the plastic patio table completely clean and dry, we apply a sealant, special primer for this type of surface, in order to lengthen the durability of the finish. Once the product has dried, give the painting. We have opted for an acrylic enamel spray, which apply leaving about 20-25 feet away and very quickly and regular movements.

One of the main advantages of this type of product is that we do not need any tool for your application to plastic patio tables. To achieve a good finish is desirable to apply two or three thin coats of paint, instead of a thick. After the drying time which indicates the manufacturer, we will have our plastic patio table ready for use. In this simple and fast, we have renewed the look of our patio furniture, achieving an excellent result.

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