Refinishing Wooden Patio Chairs

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Wooden Patio Chairs Plans

Wooden Patio Chairs – Patio furniture needs to be versatile and attractive. Depending on where you live, your patio chairs could get a lot of use or may be exposed to harsh outdoor elements or leaving them time worn and tattered. Furniture refinishing wood patio of you is quick and cost effective. The repair process can be done with a few inexpensive supplies resulting in patio furniture that looks new.

Instructions: 1. Sand the surface. Use sandpaper medium grade sand all the old paint or finish and smooth out imperfections on all surfaces of the wooden patio chairs, including under and between the slats. If you have a sander, the process will be much faster, but you may still need sand cracks and corners by hand. 2. Remove dust or dirt from the chair. Clean all surfaces with a damp cloth, or use an air compressor to blow dust. 3. Apply a primer or sealer according to the type of wood. Soft woods, such as oak, require a sealed before painting. Other varieties of wood, such as teak and cedar, require a primer. Let the amount of time indicated on the product container dry. 4. Paint wooden patio chairs with a paint based on acrylic latex. Paint the chairs in an open, well – ventilated area. Apply the first coat and let the chair dry.

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