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Outdoor carpeting commonly installed on porches, patios and around swimming pools, is made of a material that allows water to pass through them, preventing moisture from being trapped in the carpet. Over time, the weather, foot traffic and dirt cause outdoor carpet to fade and deteriorate. When replacing outdoor carpet, old outdoor carpet is removed from the concrete with certain tools. Once the carpet is removed, certain solutions are used to remove the old adhesive concrete.

Cut the center of the outdoor carpeting, with a razor, cut the carpet into four sections. Lift a section of carpet, starting from the center of the cross section. Do not attempt to start lifting up or torn carpet on the edge, since the edges are usually glued.

Lift each section and start the edge of the outdoor carpeting. Continue to lift and pull up the other three sections of the carpet. Spread adhesive on the remaining glue remover, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Adhesive remover is effective in removing cement glue. Moisten a cloth with warm water. Rub the glue with a damp rag.  Clean concrete with a dry towel. Do not leave wet cement as wet floors are dangerous.

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