Repairing Vintage Ceramic Lamps

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Great Vintage Ceramic Lamps

Vintage ceramic lamps are beautiful material for lamps, dishes and other fine household objects. Unfortunately, china is very fragile, a porcelain lamp is not likely to escape even a minor fall unscathed. The good news is that China is likely to break even, making repair easier. With the right materials and preparation, you can repair your broken porcelain lamp in just minutes.

Lay down newspaper on your work surface to protect it from any drops or spills. Since ethyl cyanoacrylate glue is very fast acting, it can be difficult to clean up. Clean each edge of the break with a damp paper towel to remove dust and debris, and allow the lamp to dry thoroughly before proceeding.

Repair vintage ceramic lamps, use glue to one of the broken edges only. Use of a gel formulation fast acting adhesive specifically designed for porous surfaces such as porcelain. Space tiny drops of glue about one inch apart. Applying too much glue will result in a weaker band. Fit the broken edges together and hold them tightly in place with your hands. Press pieces together for at least 30 seconds. Set the lamp in a safe place overnight, placed so that there is no stress on the break. While the glue is fast drying, it needs several hours to cure completely.

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