Repairing Vintage Wooden Desk Chair

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Vintage Wooden Desk Chair – Before you begin the restoration of the furniture, it is important to have it undergo a complete check to assess whether or not it is worth restoring. It is always better that the number of pieces that you must change does not exceed the number of pieces that can be kept. The basic tools to restore a piece of furniture are sandpaper of various sizes and hardness’s, brushes, cotton rags, screwdrivers, blades, aluminum scourers, cotton and a spatula.

Before you get to work, clean the vintage wooden desk chair thoroughly. Just wipe it with a cloth moistened with water and some neutral soap. Check all the furniture, especially the hidden parts, and let it dry completely. If the stains do not go away, after pickling or sanding the piece, repeat the process until they disappear. If the stains are on the corners or moldings, replace them with a very hard toothbrush dipped in solvent. Wet it often to remove dirt. After cleaning, you must remove the paint or varnish.

To do this, apply paint stripper with a brush and remove with a spatula. If you want to change small pieces legs, moldings remove them and draw them on paper. Put them on a board pine for the vintage wooden desk chair with veins and beech for those who do not have it and trim them with a tail. Sand the edges and color it the closest to the chair.

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