Repairing Wicker Patio Furniture

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Awesome Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker patio furniture – While wicker furniture are surprisingly strong and can handle a bit of abuse, eventually he will need some repairs. Wicker furniture is often used for outdoor receptions and therefore are constantly exposed to the elements. If the wicker furniture is in need of some minor repairs, it’s a simple process that can take you back to entertaining with furniture that looks good as new.

Wet the bottom area which needs to be in shape. Osier is very durable and will keep it in dry form. Allow to air dry. Apply linseed oil to dry cracking areas with a clean cloth. Allow the wicker patio furniture to soak in the oil for about 24 hours and reapply until he no longer absorb.

Wicker patio furniture sand loose spots that cause roughness with a small piece of paper grain sandpaper and spray paint on it to help maintain smooth. Let the furniture 15 to 20 minutes to dry. Build a new component of rattan furniture if it must be replaced by glue down or back of the cabinet. Choose less noticeable place. Weaving the new component in where the old one was and stick it up in the back again.

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