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September 12, 2020 Vintage Chair

Replace Cane Webbing On a Vintage Chair

Vintage chair – The cane webbing in a webbed vintage chair will last for many years, but eventually the reeds begin to break down and fall apart. When that happens, you can replace the cane webbing with a new rewoven cane mat for your chair seat. It easy to remove the old sugar cane webbing and replace it yourself. But if you do not want to deal weave a new seat, purchasing a replacement is the fastest way to fix the chair.

Vintage Chair Antique

Vintage Chair Antique


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Removing the spline, which is the tube-like device that holds the cane belt on the vintage chair? Use a utility knife to loosen and cut along both sides of the spline. Pull the spline in one piece. If it falls apart, running a small, sharp tool such as a screwdriver, into the slot spline sitting in order to pull it out. Pry out any glue that remains in the groove with a screwdriver. Sand the inner edge of the opening of the seat.

Tap wooden shims or wedges into the groove with a rubber mallet to keep the pressed sugar cane in place. Start with the back of the vintage chair, then slide the front strained before adding wedges to hold it in place. Tap the shims in place to keep the left down, and then move to the right side. Run a bead of glue on top of caning in the groove. Install the reed spline into the groove, starting in the middle back in the groove. When finished, the circuit around the track, cut the spline and the tap end of the track, match it with the top piece.

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