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March 1, 2020 Gardening Idea

Rock Garden Soils

Rock garden soils are significant in keeping the soil to be well moisturized which is required by plants to properly grow and will make saver in watering needs. The rock garden soils have a purpose in general which is only to prevent water loss from soil to provide moisture which is significant for plants. The plants roots like to cling around the surface of buried stone inside the soil which has moisture while the leaves avoid direct contact with dirt. There are many ingredients which will suit to be used as garden soil to keep it well moisture such as sand, stone chips, crushed stone, and gravel also will do great as substitution. You can also add another ingredient to keep the soil moisture such as decayed organic wastes or humus which can be easily found in kitchen or garden. Beside of furnishing some food for plants, these materials also do great as additional moisture supply. Light garden loam is as the last ingredient as additional body the food plant, but it should be free from any clay.

Rock Garden Diy

Rock Garden Diy

How to Make Rock Garden Soil

In making good rock garden soil which preserves moisture for the plants’ proper growth and to prevent water loss, you can mix thoroughly together one part of clean gritty sand, one part of clean stone chips or gritty gravel, one part of granulated peat moss or sifted leaf mold and one part of clean light garden loam. The soil percentage should be 90% to make it great for satisfactory in growing plants. It is taken for granted that your plants will grow in better quality which will eventually produce bountiful harvest. For the fertilizers, it is recommended not to use any commercial fertilizers but with great caution, bone meal is allowed to be used. For rock garden, lime can be a good fertilizer to modify soil if it is too acidic though actually it is not a fertilizer as a matter of fact.

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If you want to prevent water loss and to preserve soil moisture for the plants to properly grow, then having rock garden soil is going to be a great gardening idea.

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