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August 27, 2020 Pest Control

Safe Ladybug Pest Control

Actually ladybug is a kind of bug which beneficial since it can help gardener in controlling the other pests which are disadvantageous, but if you want to get rid of them since you consider them as pests then you will need to apply ladybug pest control. The ladybug’s life cycle is mainly the same, they lay eggs in the spring and after hatching, the larvae will need few weeks to grow up into adults. The ladybugs always hibernate during winter if they did not die in the fall season. After hibernating in the winter, they will awake in the spring to feed and then lay eggs again. As mentioned that ladybugs are actually as pest control naturally to some disadvantageous pests such as aphids, fruit worms, scales, mites, whiteflies, mealybugs and other insects which have soft body. Ladybugs are such a great help to gardeners in keeping the crops from being attacked by the disadvantageous pests and also known as the best one as biological pest control.

Ladybug Pest Control

Ladybug Pest Control

How to Control Ladybugs without Harming Them

Well, if the ladybugs are in garden, they are very welcome since they can be a great help in controlling disadvantageous pests which damage garden crops but it is going to be a complete different story if they enter house since you will never want then to be there. In order to get rid of them safely, then you will need to apply these suggestions. Use a vacuum cleaner and get the hose attachment, then place a nylon stocking inside the hose with overlapping stocking’s top at the hose end and hose attachment has to be placed on the nozzle end to make the stocking keeps on. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and clean up the ladybugs. This method will not arm the ladybugs since you just get rid of them out of your house by blowing them away. In order to keep the ladybugs away from your interior house, you better to refrigerate your interior house in the next spring.

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If you find that ladybugs are also become a problem in your outdoor house, then you simply relocate them by spraying water with garden hose or blow them away with leaf blower to make them move to another location. Well, though actually ladybugs are beneficial insects which can be a great help in controlling disadvantageous pests in garden, but if you find it as pests, then you can apply the suggested ideas for the ladybug pest control.

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