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April 6, 2020 Pest Control

Safe Natural Methods of Pest Control

If you want to get rid of the pests in your garden but you also want to preserve the eco system, then you can apply the natural methods of pest control. Commonly in controlling pest population, gardeners are going to use pesticides since it will be the first thing that comes up to mind in order to get rid of pests. According to its name, pesticides contain dangerous chemical essences in controlling pests. In matter of effectiveness, this pest control does work well but it will also make the harmful outcome both to its user and the crops as well. Natural method of pest control is also called as biological pest control by the natural or organic farming practitioners. The idea of this pest control does not mean to kill pests but simply to utilize the pests’ natural predator to control its population or it is also called as the relationship of predator and prey. Yes, this pest control method uses the pest natural enemy in exterminating them so that its population will decrease because of predation.

Natural Methods Of Pest Control Cultural

Kinds of Natural Pest Control

There are many benefits of using this pest control method such as it is safe and will not cause harmful outcome to gardeners’ health and pets. Well, it is going to be a complete different story if you use the pesticides which can be very dangerous not only to health, but also to the crops which will cause fatal diseases such as cancer if we consume the crops. There are some insects which can be used as pest control which is taken for granted non toxic but could lead to successful and bountiful harvest without applying any chemical essences. Lacewings are interested naturally in succulents, aphids, mites and other arthropods, these insects are great to use as pest control in large scale. Ladybugs are also great to be used as pest control such as aphids in a large quantity, they also predate scale insects, mites and small caterpillars. Adult hoverflies are very voracious in predating pests such as greenfly, spider mite and small caterpillar. Dragonfly predates mosquitoes both in air and water and the immature dragonfly also naturally predates mosquitoes’ larvae. Pirate bugs can be used to control pests such as spider mite, insect eggs and thrips.

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Natural methods of pest control does not only safe to be applied but also will make sure that the pest population is going to be significantly decreased and indeed it will make the garden crops become bountiful since the less of pest nuisances. It is crucial to preserve the natural pest enemies so that your garden will be well kept from disadvantageous pests which will damage your garden crops.

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