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August 12, 2020 Pest Control

Safe Natural Mouse Deterrent

Natural mouse deterrent is a basic method in controlling mouse population without any use of chemical essences like poison which can be very dangerous to health or even life. Mice are considered as pests which can be very great nuisance to many people since they can freely mess up kitchen to steal foods and in garden, they can ruin the crops. In exterminating mice, people tend to do few particular methods such as placing traps and poison them with foods. In fact, there are some of effective and safe methods in order to make mice out of garden which are taken for granted that they are worth to try.

Natural Mouse Deterrent

Natural Mouse Deterrent

Two ways in Making Natural Mouse Deterrent

You can simply use natural mouse deterrent in getting rid of them out of your garden such as natural oils. There are some of popular natural oils to make mice leave your garden and house such as spearmint, peppermint and mint. You can use a cotton ball which is already soaked up to the natural oil and directly toss it into particular places where mice ever been spotted. The scent of the natural oil shall drive the mice away since they do not get used to with such scent and will get irritated. In order to keep mice away and will not come back, it is recommended to apply another soaked cotton balls as replacement to the old one. You can also apply prepackage bags which allow air to flow and you can simply add a mixture of peppermint oil and spearmint to it. All you need to do is just throwing it to the particular spaces where mice ever been spotted just like the way you do with the cotton balls, and again you need to replace it once a month.

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In order to get rid of mice out of your garden and house, you do not really need to apply pesticides which can be very dangerous not only to health but also to the green environment. Natural mouse deterrent can simply be made and in matter of its effectiveness, it is you the one who can see how it works. The two mentioned methods above are worth to try and you will find it easy, simple and will not be harmful to you, your pets and they are also great as complement to the green environment.

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