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Self Watering Window Boxes

Self watering window boxes are going to make you feel comfortable and convenient as well since you dot need mind about watering the plants in your window boxes. Widow boxes are going to be wonderful to be planted with flowers since you will be provided with such beautiful decorative plantations which will be very relaxing and enjoyable to spoil your eyes. Window boxes which full with flowers can significantly add charm to your house and increase its value as well. If you do not want to be burdened it watering your flowers in your window boxes, then you can simply use specific window boxes which are specially manufactured to self watering and it is taken for granted that will be very fascinating to have.

Self Watering Window Box

Self Watering Window Box

Options of Self Watering Boxes

If you want to provide sufficient amount of water for your window boxes’ plants, then there are some types of windows boxes which are specially manufactured to do such task. Presidential Window Boxes are ones of the recommendations which have features such as its front can be bowed, panel design can be raised and many others. These window boxes have very decorative look with classic appearance and its water system of sub irrigation significantly encourage the growth of plants root. Lechuza Windowsill Planter has the perfect mix of functionality and style with innovative system of sub irrigation which will supply sufficient amount of water for the plants’ optimal growth. Its self watering system can last until twelve weeks of watering but it totally depends on the plant type, palter size and location as well. If you are an avid gardener who is about to have vacation for a long time but consider about watering the plants in window boxes, then this product will be the perfect choice.  Prestige Window Box is specifically manufactured to encourage the healthy growth of plants by automatic watering system and significant in making your property as your prestigious personal retreat.

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There are wide options of self watering window boxes at garden centers in varieties of design, material, shape, color and style to meet your preference needs. In choosing the window boxes, you have to choose the ones which suit your windows’ size in length or within few inches longer or shorter than when the window is opened, this not about larger or smaller issue.

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