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Sheep Fencing Ideas

Adequate sheep fencing provides better control animals. Stay sheep in areas that you designate, allowing better control of parasites and better pasture rotation. In addition, the diet may be controlled by limiting the area that can be fed sheep. Sheep fencing also prevents predation by wolves and coyotes. All common types of use of wire fencing sheep, which can be electric and non-electric.

Sheep Fencing Animal

Sheep Fencing Animal

Woven wire sheep fencing feature interwoven metal. The spacing between bars of the fence fabric for sheep comes in 2-by-6-inch, 6 by 6 inches and sizes from 6 to 12 inches. Spacing woven wire 2 by 6 inches is considered ideal, because sheep are not able to catch their hooves or heads in space. A separation of 6 by 12 inches allows sheep to stick his head through the panels without getting caught. A separation of 6 by 6 inches can be dangerous for sheep because their heads can become trapped.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Sheep Fencing Ideas

Image of: Sheep Fencing Animal
Image of: Sheep Wire Fencing with 2 Barb Wire
Image of: Sheep Wire Fencing
Image of: Sheep Fencing Devon
Image of: Livestock Sheep Fencing
Image of: Agricultural stock fencing sheep
Image of: High Tensile Fencing Sheep
Image of: Sheep Fence Farm
Image of: Sheep Fence Farmer
Image of: Wire Sheep and Goat Permanent Fence
Image of: sheep behind fence
Image of: sheep fence wooden

Barbed wire fencing is a low cost option for sheep fencing, but requires more work to install. Barbed wire fencing features metal tines every 6 inches which discourage sheep to go through the fence. For sheep, barbed wire should be installed as low as 2 inches off the ground at a distance of 8 inches between each row of wires.

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