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July 16, 2020 How to Garden

Significant Urban Compost Tumbler

Urban compost tumbler is significant in reducing the use of indoor waste disposal to become useful nutrients for plants proper growth and increase quality of soil at the same time. By applying this composting system, you are also complementing the green environment to become healthy as well. This composting system is a simple and efficient method in recycling garden or kitchen waste to become good nutrients which is going to be advantageous since you can save money in purchasing fertilizer for your plants. This urban compost tumbler works faster and better than other composting systems which use bins as container and will make you to do constant checks and steady effort to make sure that the composting process is working properly.

Urban Compost Tumbler

Urban Compost Tumbler

Steps in Making Urban Compost Tumbler

You do not need to throw away your stinky kitchen waste since in fact you can make it become useful as compost for your garden plants and soil, but remember that only organic waste can be composted and waste such as bones or oil can not be made as compost. By doing this you will get two advantages at the same time. You can simply add other organic scraps or green scraps such as coffee grounds, vegetable peelings or fruits peelings also will be great to be composted. Adding brown scraps such as pine straw, grass clippings and leaves also great but remember to have the 2/3 of brown scraps for every 1/3 green scraps in order to get the best result. In composting process, heat is significantly needed to break down all the scraps and waste quickly. Beside of heat, moisture is also important to make the faster decomposition and to add moisture in the bin, you can simply add adequate water which will be sufficient for a week long. The last step that you have to do is turning the compost tumbler which should be done at least every two until three days to make sure that all the scraps and waste inside the bin are moving and breakdown at the same rate.

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By the time when the urban compost tumbler is completely done, you will find all the scraps and waste become brown with odor free and you can directly use it as organic fertilizer which is great for plants proper growth and to increase soil quality in your garden at the same time. The compost is going to be significant in making your garden crops increased with bountiful fresh and healthy harvests.

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