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Silt fence – You may have heard of fences, silt filter, straw bales or brush fences. This type of fences represents types of sediment barriers that protect against erosion in temporary structures that impede the flow of sediment runoff. To conserve soil / sediment, sediment barriers are used under construction. These are the types of silt fences of this type:

Silt Fence

Silt Fence

Sediment retention amounts, depending on the materials they are made ​​are provided. Materials woven strong enough to not require a wire mesh filter support and more efficiently than synthetic non woven fabrics. The fabric material is supported by wooden poles or metal posts. Silt fence is life of about six months, but this depends on the amount of added UV inhibitors are recommended for sloping areas located near ponds and around storm drains.

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They are the highest in its class. Filter silt fence such slime serves to slow the flow of sediment more efficiently than other groups, it has a half life of about 3 months way. They consist of filter cloth burlap or synthetic and can be connected with steel or stapled to wooden stakes, being relatively cheap. Filter fences are more likely to be found near the canals or current storm drains (with a second round less than 1 cubic / second foot).

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