Simple Dress Modern Outdoor Furniture

Modern outdoor furniture – is robust and more elegant than ever. It is up to the outdoor climate change, and it looks good enough to honor a garden or a living room. The quality of construction makes outdoor furniture is the perfect setting for upholstery. With little or no experience, anyone can succeed dress patio furniture with just a few simple tools.

Pottery Barn Sonoma Medicine Cabinet

To do modern outdoor furniture cut out the pieces of fabric to fit the seat, back and sides of the furniture. Leave enough extras with each cut to fold over at least 1/2 inch for a seam. Fold over the edges of the seam to flatten the material and smooth out any wrinkles. Join the seams of each section together with either a sewing machine or a glue gun.

Align the fabric seams to furniture edges to ensure the fabric is properly positioned over the pad. Pull down tightly over the frame, and folding the ends of the fabric under the lower edge of the furniture. Staple or glue the fabric firmly in place on the underside of furniture. Build coordinating pillows. Cut the fabric to fit the top, bottom and sides of the foam. Sew or glue the pieces together on all but one side. The same process can be used to reupholster existing pads in matching fabric for modern outdoor furniture.

12 Simple Dress Modern Outdoor Furniture Photos