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August 25, 2020 How to Garden

Starting a Compost

Before starting a compost, there are some preparations such as what kind of composting system to apply, what kind of compost bin to use and where is the composting takes place. Making a compost is very simple to do while not only get rid of the bad smell organic kitchen wastes or pile of garden wastes out of sight, but also to provide good nutrients which are good for plants’ proper growth and to improve the quality of soil at the same time. By composting, you can also save some money in purchasing fertilizer which is usually expensive since you can make your own fertilizer from the wastes of organic scraps in garden and kitchen to become good compost. You can also complement the green environment since compost is naturally organic which is safe without any containment of chemical essences.

Starting a Compost Ideas

Starting a Compost Ideas

Tips in Starting a Compost

In starting a compost, you have to determine where are you going to compost and it is recommended to do the compost in somewhere discreet in your landscape since if the compost location is near to any structure such as your house, you will not want to do it since compost is the home to numerous little organisms. You will need to shovel or garden fork as the tool in composting and you also will need to use garden gloves to make your hands clean from dirt and injuries which might happen. In composting, you will always need to use bin as compost container though by simply burying the garden and kitchen wastes is also good to do, since there are advantages of using bin such as the bin will retain moisture and heat, deter pests and will avoid the compost light parts to be blown by the wind so the compost pile will not decrease in its amount. You can simply add a little water to the ground to be moistened and lay small branches down or twigs or carbon based material which has not been chopped up since it will make a good aeration. Then start to layer the materials in 25:1 ratio of nitrogen based materials and brown materials. It is recommended to cover the compost pile using plastic to retain moisture and also to prevent the pile from waterlog when heavy rain falls. To make it faster in composting process, you can turn the pile gently every few weeks using pitch fork or garden fork.

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In order to get the finest result in starting a compost, you can simply follow the mentioned tips above. It is taken for granted that by composting your garden and kitchen organic wastes, you will get many benefits to make a good garden.

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