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August 9, 2020 Pest Control

Tackling Fruit Fly Repellent

In order to get rid of fruit flies which can be a great annoying dilemma, then applying fruit fly repellent will undoubtedly be a great help in tackling the issue. Fruit flies are usually attracted to foods or even trash and they also may attack wine and plants. It is very essential that you have to know everything about fruit flies if you really want to get rid of them out of your sight. It s recommended to apply the safe and natural repellent not only for the sake of health, but also to complement the green environment so that the environment keeps fresh and healthy. Applying any chemical essences will be a terrible idea in exterminating fruit flies since it will not only be a guarantee to work well, but also it is unsafe for health and green environment.

Fruit Fly Repellent

Fruit Fly Repellent

Fruit Fly RepellentFruit Fly Repellent

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Natural and Safe Fruit Flies Repellent

You can apply some alcohol into a spray bottle and you can directly spray it in your parts of kitchen. This alcohol spray is taken for granted will work great in exterminating fruit flies slowly but for sure. Right after the fruit flies get sprayed by alcohol, they will fall and die, then simply you can sweep the dead fruit flies effortlessly. Other natural and safe method in repelling fruit flies is by applying apple cider which is taken for granted will be beneficial in getting rid of them. Pour the apple cider into a cup, just make it halfway up to the top then use plastic to wrap it tightly and make holes in the plastic but make sure that the holes are not too big. The idea of this method is that it will attract the fruit flies to come into the holes but they will not manage to get out since of the sticky apple cider. Utilizing basil to repel fruit flies is other great idea as well, you can keep a bowl of basil placed in your kitchen or you can also use dry soap by sprinkling it a bit around garbage cans to repel fruit flies to come to it.

As mentioned above that fruit fly repellent does not have to apply chemical essences which can be very harmful to health and green environment as well. You can try to apply the mentioned ideas in repelling fruit flies which are taken for granted its safety since they are natural method in exterminating fruit flies. You can definitely clear up these pesky bugs problem by applying the mentioned efficient repellents.

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