The Installation Cast Iron Fire Pit

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Cast Iron Fire Pit Photo

Cast iron fire pit – Independent steel stoves and cast iron are closed hearth equipment that not only exude cozy warmth but also often constitute an element of exceptional interior design. In contrast to the traditional fireplace inserts, stoves not require additional space thus reducing costs and installation time.

The materials used for make cast iron fire pit in the process are: cast iron, steel, tiles, stoneware vermiculite. Most stoves are designed to burn wood. We recommend using wood deciduous trees (oak and hornbeam) with humidity exceeds 20%. This type of stove is used to heat the space that is installed. The heat spreads from the body warm into space of the room.

The installation site cast iron fire pit should be properly prepared and wrapped, on the ground, in a material that does not burn as fire brick, stone, tile or glass. By heat leaving your body has to remember to leave enough distance to objects that can catch fire see about the use of the product manual.

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