To Date Vintage Drexel Heritage Furniture

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Vintage Drexel Heritage Furniture Cabinet

Vintage drexel heritage furniture – Starting with ask grandparents or elderly family members on the furniture piece. Listen to stories about where the piece came from. Spore piece back, as you can through your family and count the generations that it has moved through. This will give you an idea of manufacturing timeframe. Read the news and trends of ancient heritage furniture from reputable antique magazines, trade journals and magazines. Keeping abreast of scams and be trained in antique furniture.

Cultivation the historical period as your  vintage drexel heritage furniture legacy piece was made. For example, in the mid to late 1700s, most furniture was made in Chippendale style. Looking over the furniture piece and try to find a stamp or tag with manufacturing information such as date, patent number and name. Research information in antique furniture encyclopedias. Remove drawers and look at the hinges and hardware. Look at the joints, pegs, nails and screws. Various tools and hardware used in different time periods. Handmade furniture was not symmetrical as machine made furniture.

Look at the type of wood. Furniture made before 1700 were made of oak, but by this time walnut and mahogany were used. Shine an ultraviolet light on furniture to look for modern, adhesives and materials. Modern materials will glow when an ultraviolet light shone on them. This way you can tell if the piece has been repaired or a reproduction. Take photos and notes of all your information and consult with an antique dealer in your area to confirm the date of your  vintage drexel heritage furniture piece.

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