Vintage Bankers Lamp Ideas

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Vintage Bankers Lamp Gold

Vintage bankers lamp – The lights “soft pink glow also offers soothing light to work or read, allowing the larger crystals perfect for vintage bankers lamp. Although you can buy a crystal desk lamp, you can save a little money and customize your light by making your own. The results are well worth the effort.


Gently rinse and dry rock salt crystal. The crystal should weigh 4-6 pounds for a big lamp that emits very bright. Larger crystals are easier to work with because they do not crack or split as easily.  Select an end to be at the top of your vintage bankers lamp. Draw a line about 3 inches above the bottom of your crystal at the other end; hold the line as straight as possible.

Secure your crystal up and down during your drill press. Line your 1 ½-inch coring drum up as close to the center of the crystal that you can. Still wearing your safety gear, push the corer slowdown in the bottom of the crystal. Slowly; this will take time, so be patient.

Line your vintage bankers lamp base with the flat underside of the crystal. The hole in the middle of the lamp base should be almost perfectly with the hole in the crystal. When they lined up, slowly running stainless steel screws through the screw holes in the lamp base and into the crystal. Screw a chandelier bulb in the socket piece and slide the lamp through the hole in the lamp base so it fits inside the hollow center of your crystal. Set the lamp on the desk, plug it in and enjoy.

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