Vintage Metal Chairs Design

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Vintage Metal Chairs Styles

Vintage metal chairs – These vintage metal chairs sitting in your attic or garage can be a little rough looking, but they may have great potential. With a few supplies and a little effort, you can transform old and battered chairs to furniture that you will be proud to use. Paint flower pattern on vintage metal chairs to create fun, new pieces.

Metal Preparation

Vintage metal chairs may have a significant amount of rust, which you must remove before applying new paint. Use steel wool or fine sandpaper to remove rust from metal. After scrubbing all rust removed, wash the metal with soapy water. Apply white spirit easily over the metal surface of the chair to finish preparing the fresh paint.

Apply Base Coat

Prepare an area where you can apply basic coat of paint with spray paint. Spread a tarp and put the chair in the middle. Apply the metal primer after shaking the can thoroughly for several minutes. Hold can 10-14 inches away from the metal surface and apply the primer in a thin and even layer. Let the primer dry completely and then apply metal spray paint to the seat surface. Allow the paint to dry and apply a second layer. Let the second coat dry completely.

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