Vintage Torchiere Floor Lamp

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Vintage Torchiere Floor Lamp Fashioned

Vintage torchiere floor lamp – The torchiere lamp has been around for quite a while. With a candlestick version makes an appearance in the late 17th century France. The first torchiere was one light mounted on a high stand. Designers soon realized that adding two or more light significantly improved luminosity. The only stand with many light was recognized as a great step forward, but made too many light the original torchieres top-heavy and easy to topple.

The electric vintage torchiere floor lamp made its first appearance in the late 1800s, when the use of electricity in private homes became practical. Early Floor lamps often had a wooden or metal frame, often decorated with intricate, curved designs. The shade was made of opaque, stained glass or frosted to provide protection from direct glare from the bulb.

There is some concern about the risk of fire with halogen lamps, however. The inverted shadow of a torchiere floor lamp leaves exposed the hot lamp, so the lamp must be kept away from flammable materials, for example is curtains or drapes. Department stores, lighting stores and online stores offer many and many styles of vintage torchiere floor lamp to suit any style or taste.

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