Vintage Wedding Decor Ideas

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Large Vintage Wedding Decor Ideas

Vintage wedding decor ideas – When the time comes to think about wedding decorating ideas, you have to keep in mind the theme of your wedding. You may not have the current topic, but as long as you know what you want the overall “feel” of your wedding, it is enough. Here are some wedding decoration ideas for your party is divided into topics.

Lots of romantic candle, baby to reduce the lighting. The table named rather than numbered as title of the romantic movies, your guests to say “I am sitting in the wind with the Gone”. Occasional stand up cocktail party with minimal vintage wedding decor ideas, fun photos of you and your face around the room. They have here and there a few flowers and beautiful scenery that you will need.

Sand in large vases with shells and star fish on the vase as part of the center, perhaps even the old wax. Nothing is too colorful; keep it classy with an all white/pale one small shell and starfish, pale orange. Winter many of the fireplaces, eggnog or mulled wine, candles and fur coat and throw rugs casual scattering over a Chair. Autumn colored leaf spots under beautiful tablecloths, exclusively on your table, red apples slices cut from the top as place cards, cinnamon and fruit with red flowers are rich. In the spring most white pink, greenish, fresh sweet-smelling Sakura & keep everything light and airy.

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