Vintage Wingback Chair: Cozy To Relax Or Sleep

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Vintage Wingback Chair Color

Vintage wingback chair – A Full-back chair is a type of chair that features encloses wings on each side of backrest. Some call these wings “ears” as they sometimes resemble ears turned inward on chair. Wings may extend from armrests up to top of backrest, or they can only run from backrest of armrests to top of backrest. Most models of Full-back chair in modern times are padded for comfort, with leather or fabric, and they are usually padded with batting or foam both in seat of chair and backrest.

Sometimes wings themselves are padded as well, providing another sitting or sleeping position of user. Legs of chair are very often made of wood, and legs can be very decorative or clearly, depending on overall aesthetic of vintage wingback chair. A less traditional wing back chair may contain a reclining function that makes it possible for a person to lie back and relax or sleep. Degree of reclining varies with particular model. And just about all Full-back reclining chair models has a footrest which extends outwardly when user reclines backrest.

Some vintage wingback chair will even allow a user to lie completely flat, as if on a bed. Others have a slight inclination of seat back and seat to hold user in to lie flat. Reclining function is activated either by pressing backrest, or by pulling on a hand-activated lever mounted on side of chair.

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