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August 26, 2020 Love Your Garden

Welcoming Garden Flag Stands

If you have an ordinary small flower garden but you want to make it very welcoming, then having garden flag stands will be a great gardening idea in achieving such purpose. It is taken for granted that this will work without any tiring process in making it and you can simply make it by yourself. You can express your creativity in making the garden flag stands to make your flower garden become very welcoming to every one who sees it. There are two types of the stands which made of metal and wood, but in matter of stability and durability, the metal one is better than the wood, but if you want to install the wood then you need to know about its proper installation to get the finest result.

Garden Flag Stands House

How to Make Wood Garden Flag Stand

Here are some instructions that you must follow in installing the wood garden flag stand, first you must brush the water sealant or wood stain on the rod and cedar planks in order to make the wood long lasting in its usage. Choosing cedar is intentionally made since it is weatherproof and naturally resilient as well which will allow the water sealant or stain to become completely dry before the stand is built. Make an inch from one plank’s end and make a hole completely through it by drilling it. The glued end is inserted into one plank hole right after you generously apply the wood or craft glue into the dowel rod end, but you will need to be fidgeting if you want to have it as the snug hole. You better to wait it till dry before gluing it.

6 Inspiration Gallery from Welcoming Garden Flag Stands

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In installing the garden flag stands you need to choose the particular soil and hammer one plank in the desired location in your garden but if the soil is hard, then you will need to whittle the plank end to make it sharp for easy inserting to the soil. Place the other plank beside the first one around two feet of space then insert the rod’s free tip which is already coated in glue into the second plank hole to make the flag stand firmly. As finishing touch, you can have the flag on the dowel to be draped and secured by using the attachment which came with the flag.

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