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May 4, 2020 Garden Furnitures

What is Teak Wood

In the wooden furniture world, teak furniture is already well known for its typical characteristics such as durability and aesthetic. For consumers who want to know about what is teak wood, the tree is usually called tectona which is included into the verbenacea family as a birch of tropical hardwood. This tree is very special and only few countries have it such as Indonesia, India, Africa and others. The age of this type of tree can reach 100 years, the older teak trees are better in quality for furniture and well known for its longevity and weather or season withstanding. What makes teak wood preferred as furniture material is that it can be cut easily and also has natural oil which protects itself form insects, bacteria, decay and water resistant as well.

Teak Wood

Teak Wood

Teak Wood Characteristics and Teak Wood Biggest Supplier Indonesia

There are some of interesting characteristics of teak wood such as water resistant which means that teak wood is also great to be made as outdoor furniture since it will resist decay and repel insects with its typical aroma as well. In durability, teak wood is undisputed will be able to last for so many years to come and this is exactly why teak wood also used as material in making ships. Teak wood has great elasticity, a very good material for furniture because it is easily to carve by woodworkers. The natural oils containment in teak wood is very special as self maintaining aesthetic and durability, so if you have teak wood furniture in your house, you will definitely be proud of it.

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Based on recorded history, that teak wood is fully trusted in its strength and this is what makes teak wood deeply loved by furniture collectors in the whole world. It has high reputation as super quality wood in the whole world and no one ever doubt it. The world biggest teak wood supplier is Indonesia which has good commitment in preserving teak tree through governmental practical and visionary programs. Not only as the biggest supplier of teak wood, Indonesia also produces good quality, interesting and unique teak furniture which the products are already well known in the whole world.

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