Wicker Sectional Outdoor Furniture

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Wicker Sectional Outdoor Furniture Sets

Wicker Sectional Outdoor Furniture – The furniture and the wicker furniture are recovering more and more ground in our homes. They are widely used for outdoor spaces and make it more welcoming environments but, you know, are veritable catch-dust! For this reason we must provide a frequent basis to clean wicker sectional outdoor furniture.

First we must distinguish between raw and painted. For painted wicker furniture just pass the ‘ vacuum cleaner, perhaps with special nozzles to reach the interstices, and then a sponge, allow to dry in the open air (but not in the sun).

If our mobile is rather crude, after the pass of vacuum, we must ammunition of a bristle brush wetted in salt water (the salt also has a slight lightening effect) with a bit ‘of Marseilles soap. Then rinse with cold water and leave to dry in the shade. For stubborn deposits, rub the furniture with a cloth soaked in warm water and baking soda, leave to take a few minutes and then rinse.

Another method for the cleaning of wicker sectional outdoor furniture is to pour the lemon juice, which makes the furniture not only clean but also degreased and glossy beautiful. Switch then a damp cloth to remove the lemon and not let them sticky.

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