Wonderful White Outdoor Furniture

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White Outdoor Furniture

White outdoor furniture – Have you already prepared your garden for visitors? If you are still thinking about what kind of furniture to choose, you have the solution. There are  ideas outdoor furniture wicker or rattan, two very similar materials that are perfect for garden furniture because of its beauty and strength. To begin we will see some features and differences of these two materials so that we clear some concepts before choosing the most suitable parts. Wicker is a fiber that comes from a shrub belonging to the family of the willows.

Instead white outdoor furniture rattan is a vine native palm from tropical regions such as Africa, Asia and Australasia often reach a very long plant. It has much more thin stems but very hard time, and the development of products must be performed while rattan is still wet because then it is much more flexible and easy to mold.

Natural rattan Peel white outdoor furniture also is similar to the above, however the second is usually treated with lye in order to clarify to acquire a very nice yellowish hue. Another difference is that the twigs are cut into smaller and designs are more expensive, so we can find it more often in smaller pieces.

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