Wood Burning Fire Pit For Make MEal

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Wood Burning Fire Pit With Image

Wood burning fire pit – When cooking with fire wood, rotate food on top of the grill for a warm wood fire. Takes longer than coal or gas, but your patience will be rewarded with succulent meat and vegetables.

Only use dry wood, twigs, and paper. Wet wood or wood produces excessive smoke. Having a base of ash in the bottom of the well before you begin. If no ash, pour in some sand, enough to cover the bottom of the well at an average depth inches. Wood ash is ideal for composting, Always practice proper fire safety precautions wood burning fire pit when working near an open flame.

Juices and dietary fat dripping into the fire can cause asthma attacks, so keep your distance during cooking in the wood burning fire pit, especially during turning. Never use printed paper or other kindling containing dyes, coatings, plastics, chemicals or anything that contains, as when they burn can contaminate food. If you use paper or coated paper, allow the wood to burn before using the flame to cook food.

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