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April 11, 2020 Patio

Wood Patio Swings

Patio swings – Long before the tires were recycled as tree swings, man considered to drift in the air without having to swing by his arms. When the vines looped were not available, the wooden swing allowed humans the pleasant feeling of primate tree travel with the comfort of a seat. Wooden swings come in many forms, from simple drives tended by a single rope, swinging develop platforms of two people.

Outdoor Patio Swings

Outdoor Patio Swings

Patio swings exercises a hole, centered, about 2.5 inches at each end of the board. Sand and dust from the board, then wipe a layer of urethane with a cloth. Sand the board when dry; then Re-coat and repeat the process.

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Patio swings, thread the end of the cable into a hole at the top and bringing it into the other hole. The rope runs along the bottom of the board as a giant mesh. Keep pulling the rope and thread each side until both lengths are long enough to focus on the branch of the tree. Loop the rope over the branch and below back to you. Passing the rope around the front of the stationary end, through the opening between the two.

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