Wood Picket Fence Panels In Child’s Bedroom

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Wood Picket Fence Panels Design

A white picket fence is the classic American image that evokes a warm and cozy home. One of the most artistic ways of using a wood picket fence panels in the room of a child is like a funny head for bed. To make it look worn, recycled old parts of fences you have on hand or give him a new a worn look with special paints or paint by sanding the edges. For a new look, paint the picket fence with a layer of white paint. If you prefer a more subtle finish, try a pastel shade like pink, yellow or blue.

Instead of installing a coating or wood paneling on the walls of your child’s room, using instead a part of a wood picket fence panels. It is ideal wall coverage if the room has a theme garden as you can paint a mural of flowers on the wall behind the fence, and complete with butterflies and birds.

Due to the open design of the fence, the images in the wall between studs can be seen, so extending the wall to the floor. A wood picket fence panels is also ideal for a barnyard theme. Paint a mural with animal farm behind the posts, as if in a henhouse.

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